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Hi again.

Maybe this is a pure LISP support Q but I ask anyway.


This works in my score of course:

(display-midi (compile-score 'string-quartet-a :instrument 'violin1))

but when I try to do this:

(defparameter *default-pathname-defaults* "XXXXXX")

(load "score.opmo")
(load "String Quartet-A.opmo")
(load "String Quartet-A-Timeline.opmo")
(load "String Quartet-B.opmo")
(load "String Quartet-C.opmo")

(display-midi (compile-score 
               '((string-quartet-a :start 1 :end 2 :instrument 'violin1) ;<--------
                               (string-quartet-a :start 1 :end 2)
                               (string-quartet-a-t :start 4 :end 4)
                               (string-quartet-a :start 1 :end 2))
                               :file "xxx")
                               :display :quick-view)

(display-musicxml *last-score*)


":instrument" gives an error.

I like this way of working but I can't figure out how to solve this.

If I execute without ":instrument 'violin1" things work great.


Thx in advance


Any LISP Guru that can give me a clue?

By the way...

Is there a way to save score "a"  in the workspace from within score "b" programmatically?

In my LISP books that seems to be not an easy task.

Happy for any advice.

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I understand.


(compile-score '((string-quartet-a-t :start 1 :end 2)
                               (string-quartet-a :start 1 :end 2))
                             :instrument 'violin1)

That works.

I guess it is because it is written to a omn file and that file knows nothing about any scores. They are of course concatenated by "compile score".

(pprint (compile-score '((string-quartet-a-t :start 1 :end 2)
                               (string-quartet-a :start 1 :end 2))
                              :output :score))


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