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Microtonality with ps

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I'm trying to send out microtonal midi via pitchbend on four different channels. It works when I do it in score with def-score, but I can't get it to work with the ps function.


Here is a snippet from my def-instrument-set


          (:layout violin-layout
                   :port '(0 1 2 3)
                   :channel 1
                   :sound 'gm
                   :program 0
                   :controllers nil
                   :pan (pan 0)
                   :volume 92)


and here is my ps function


(ps 'my-inst
    :violin-nonvib (list '((s a4 f leg d5 leg fs4 leg d5 leg g4 leg d5)
                  (s a4 leg d5. leg fs4+ leg d5.. p leg g4 leg d5+.)
                  (q a4+ leg d5. leg cs5+. leg b4.. leg a4 leg g4 leg)
                  (s fs4 ppp leg d4 leg e4 leg cs4 leg e d4)))
    :bass (list '((e fs3 d3 e3)
                     (e fs3 d3 e3)
                     (e fs3 g3 a3)
                     (e d3 a2 d2)))
    :key-signature '(d maj)
    :time-signature '(3 8 1)
    :tempo 70)


It works when I change ps to 'gm and use the general midi sounds, but I want it to send out via midi ports.


Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?




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I'm trying to use the pitchbend over midi ports option. Normally when I do this in a score with def-score it works as long as I give it a list of midi ports. I'm sending it to UVI workstation that doesn't support MTS or any sort of inbbuild microtonality, but with pitchbend it works fine, I just run four instances of the plugin, and each recieves the apropriate noteon and pitchbend messages.


But when using the ps function, it doesn't seem to work. But it works when I do it in a score, with same music and an instrument that is similar to what I posted above. With the list of four ports and so on...

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I wanted to use PS excactly for drafting and sketching. It sometimes is a bit easier than to start defining an entire score and so on... The UVIWorkstation is a little but quirky when it comes to microtonality, but it would be nice to be able to use the PS for some quick sketching with instrument-sets. But it can work with the def-score as well of course

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