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Irrational tuplet pieces

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I am trying to get a rhythm out of the following function:


(quantize (length-adjust 8/4 (vector-to-length '1/24 4 1 v1b)) '(1 2 3 4 6))

                      (v1b is a predefined half-sine vector)

Despite using quantization I keep getting results that include unplayable tuplets, such as single tuplet notes followed by e.g. an eigth note:




How can I prevent this from happening and get a rationally quantized rhythm?

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(setf n1b (midi-to-pitch (rnd-variance
                          (sort-asc (rnd-sample (rnd1 :low 15 :high 25) (gen-integer 81 91)))
                          0.04) :quantize 1/2))
(setf v1b (list-plot (half-sine (get-count n1b) 1) :join-points t))
(setf l1b (quantize (length-adjust 8/4 (vector-to-length '1/24 4 1 v1b)) '(1 2 3 4 6)))
(setf m1b (make-omn :pitch n1b :length l1b))


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