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Merge-voices from list

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Dear Opmo users, i would like to merge voices from one single list. So I would like this (not-working) merge-voice function:

(setf test '((s) (-s s) (-e s)))
(merge-voices test)

To work like this:

(merge-voices '(s) '(-s s) '(-e s))



Does anyone has an Idea how to achieve it?




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Dear Stephane,


thank you, even if try with "OMN expressions" in a list , if i understand it correctly, is pretty same.


(setf test '((s c4) (-s s c4) (-e s c4)))

(merge-voices test)
(merge-voices '(s c4) '(-s s c4) '(-e s c4))


But anyways, does anyone knows how this function is programmed so I could program own one, with result I wanna achieve.








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some "ugly code" ...but it works.... 😃

you want to use (merge-voices) with ONE list as input?


(setf test '((w c2) (h c4 d4) (q g5 g5 g5 g5)))

(defun your-merge-voices (alist) 
          (merge-voices (first alist) 
                        (second alist) 
                        (third alist) 
                        (fourth alist) 
                        (fifth alist)))

(your-merge-voices test)


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