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  1. You should use sourcelengths as variable: (length-augmentation 2 sourcelengths) Best!
  2. This could be achieved with polytempo. You would have to screenshot the snipets from opusmodus, and then show musicians trough polytempo.
  3. Hey, I am still experiencing problems with it.... Maybe any solution for quarter tones for now?
  4. thank you all, such a great community!!!
  5. Dear Stephane, thank you, even if try with "OMN expressions" in a list , if i understand it correctly, is pretty same. (setf test '((s c4) (-s s c4) (-e s c4))) (merge-voices test) (merge-voices '(s c4) '(-s s c4) '(-e s c4)) But anyways, does anyone knows how this function is programmed so I could program own one, with result I wanna achieve. Best, Vili
  6. Dear Opmo users, i would like to merge voices from one single list. So I would like this (not-working) merge-voice function: (setf test '((s) (-s s) (-e s))) (merge-voices test) To work like this: (merge-voices '(s) '(-s s) '(-e s)) Does anyone has an Idea how to achieve it? Best, Vili
  7. Hey, is it possible now to somehow receive OSC from Max to OPMO?
  8. Hey! Did you maybe had time to check the issue?:) Best,
  9. Hm weird. The pitch bend works fine, the articulations doesn't work. In Ableton I created 2 channels, so I was able to attach 2 different ports. But Key-switches works just in port 1.
  10. (def-sound-set Xsample-Clarinet :programs (:group Clarinet ord (:key bb0) stacc (:key b0) ) (def-score test (:title "test" :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo 120 :layout (clarinet-layout 'clarinet)) (clarinet :omn '(w c4 ord d4- stacc e4- stacc f4 ord) :channel 1 :sound 'Xsample-Clarinet :sound '(clarinet) :port '(1 2) ) ) So I created a sound-set which works perfectly without quarter-tones, but with 2 ports the key-switches are not sent to port 2, only to port 1.
  11. Dear opmo users! I manage to send pitch-bend via 2 separated ports into Ableton, but now the articulation key-switches works just on one. Does anyone knows what i am doing wrong? best, Vili
  12. Ohh, not so great news... Thanks for so fast reply!!!!
  13. Hi! The function make-socket doesn't work at me. (defparameter *in-socket* (make-socket :type :datagram :local-port *in-port* :format :binary)) Is it maybe the problem in 3.0 version? Best, Vili
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