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Midi Player hanging notes

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Dear, Janusz


Unfortunately, It´s still hanging after the update.

I don´t know why...

It hangs even with the internal sounds.

Probably needs a command to reset all notes when "pause" is pressed in the player.

Try controller 123 (all notes off) and also individual note off as well (for more recent VST instruments) for sending individual "note off's" to all 127 notes on every MIDI track and channels.


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Yes, probably windows stuff.

I have no problems with notation viewer and live coding player. Everything works great except the the midi player.


1) when navigating to the media content at the (M) button of the workspace the aiff files are launched in my system player instead of the Opusmodus Lispworks interface player. I have VLC player installed.

2) when navigating the documentation, the documents appear to be inside my FOXIT pdf reader (my favorite free reader installed). So I need to right-click and set it to read mode. Windows does not have a default pdf reader when system is installed. Do you recommend some reader. Actually I like the appearance of FOXIT reader + Opusmodus but I have to change to read mode every time I need to copy code from the docs.




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Yes, Janusz 

With other files all seems to work ok !

I did exported it from musescore. Maybe musescore export with some different header.

All is ok in this beautiful Opusmodus Version !


Now the PDFs are permiting copy.


The audio going to VLC player is not a problem at all.


Best !



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I've been there with the hanging notes issue in Midi Players. It can be super frustrating, right? One thing that worked for me was using notesonline.com . It's a really handy tool for all things MIDI. You might want to check it out if you haven't already. Sometimes, hanging notes happen because of overlapping commands or a glitch in the player itself. Make sure your MIDI files are clean and don't have any stray commands that could cause the notes to hang. Another tip is to update your MIDI player software. Sometimes, bugs get fixed in newer versions, so it's worth a shot. Also, try using a different MIDI player to see if the problem persists. If it doesn't, then the issue might be with the original player you're using. If you're into tweaking settings, look into the buffer size and latency settings of your MIDI player. Sometimes adjusting those can make a big difference.

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