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Some differences in the new interface

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I noticed some differences in the new interface of the workspaces, specially in the way ver 3 deals with the files pinned at the workspace. You can drag your .opmo files onto the workspace from finder but beware of doing it !   The new workspace will create a special folder and the opmo files will be moved to this new workspace folder and no longer appear in a previous workspace. Seems like you can´t share the same .opmo file in two different workspaces. This makes sense but is different from what occurred before. I also deleted a file because I just wanted to remove / unpin it from the workspace, but it ended being removed from hard disk !! So, be careful when reorganizing your new workspaces. I can´t make folders anymore in the workspace (but in the older version, the folders weren´t searchables) . It was difficult to locate something under a folder. Maybe could be interesting to sort the files of the workspace not only in alphabetical order, but also by date of creation / modification.


This automatic management of folders and workspaces is very nice but the user must have this behavior in mind while working the files.


All the best ! Happy 2023 !

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I´m using multiple workspace files. 


A good idea would be to have the possibility to sort the opmo files by date (recent to old and vice versa).

Sometimes I have difficulty to find my files (I have too many...). But I´d like to find the ones I worked recently, so a good thing would be to sort by date.

Is it possible ?



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