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Documentation PDF copy paste problem

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Dear Friends,


In many PDF documentation items I found some trouble when copying it from assistant to composer section.

Probably due to line breaking formatting, the code sometimes is copied with incomplete lines mixing with complete lines.

When copying this:




I get this:


(setf omn '(e g6 f stacc e ab5 (omn-replace :length 'q omn)
=> (q g6 f stacc ab5 mp ten c4 (omn-replace :pitch 'c5 omn)
=> (e c5 f stacc mp ten mf ten (omn-replace :velocity 'p omn)
mp ten e c4 mf ten e cs5 ff))
mf ten cs5 ff)
=> (e g6 p stacc ab5 ten c4 ten cs5) (omn-replace :articulation 'tasto omn)
=> (e g6 f tasto ab5 mp tasto c4 mf tasto cs5 ff tasto)


with different line breaks.


All the best !


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17 hours ago, opmo said:

This is not an error. The documents (pdf) are not really for text copy/past. You never know how pdf behaves. 

And if you copy you need to take some care of the code.

I think, they should be usable for copy & paste. Its probably a common use to copy extracts from the documentation for further coding, don't you think?


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Yes. Sometimes, pdf files are arranged in some way it jumps the lines in a strange way, due to the presence of diferent elements, such as images. It happens in other files, like LIPS tutorials, etc. But probably there is a workaround for the next set of documentation, since it not happens in all the files. All the best ! Thank you.

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I have lots of selfmade docs, which are embedded nicely in the old OM version (by putting them in the ~/Opusmodus/System Library folder).

Where do I put them in the 3.x version so I can access them via the search function (There is no System Library folder any more)?

And do they have to be in .pdf format (which will make them pretty useless too for me, because I often make new annotations, when calling them)?


Thanks for an answer!

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In order to have accesses to your own function documents through the navigator you place them in the ~/Opusmodus/User Source/Functions Documentation directory.

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 20.48.20.png



This way you can view them by pressing the (L) button in the Workspace Navigator.





The 'User Source' directory is where you place your Extensions, Libraries and your functions documents.

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