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How to rewrite example from book that uses omn-dictum


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I've been working my way through the "Fundamentals of Composition with Opusmodus" book since my copy arrived on Monday. It's been a great help adjusting my brain from OpenMusic to Opusmodus. I'm currently working through section " Rhythm 5."  In the code on page 92, there are a series of 8 lines that use "omn-dictum" to change all the pitches for each of the previously-generated rhythms to the correct general-midi pitches for the non-pitched percussion sounds (bass drum, bongos, congas, etc.).

For example:

(setf bass-drum (omn-dictum '(:all b1) rhythm1))
(setf low-wood-block (omn-dictum '(:all f5) rhythm2))


I found release notes indicating "dictum" had replaced omn-dictum, so I attempted to use "dictum" in its place. My attempted version of those same two lines:

(setf bass-drum (dictum '(:apply b1) rhythm1))
(setf low-wood-block (dictum '(:apply f5) rhythm2))


results in all notes and rests being changed to b1 or f5, not just the notes/chords. Is the use of an all-encompassing ":range" the only way to target all of the pitches, separate from the rests? I was able to get it to work like this:

(setf bass-drum (dictum '(:range (c3 c6) :apply b1) rhythm1))
(setf low-wood-block (dictum '(:range (c3 c6) :apply f5) rhythm2))


but I was hoping there would a way to either ignore rests or do something like "(:any :pitches)". Is there another way of targeting just any/all pitches?


Thank you,


Jon S

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Yes, the function name has change, the next edition will fix this.

Please give me an example with input and output (what you are looking for) and I will see what I can do.


(setf omn '(q c4 - d4 - e4 - f4 -))

(dictum '(:apply b1) omn)
=> (q b1 mf b1 b1 b1 b1 b1 b1 b1)

you looking for:
(q b1 mf - b1 - b1 - b1 -)

here it is:
(dictum '(:range (c1 c8) :apply b1) omn)


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Thank you @opmo. The second example is what matches the output in the book (where the rests are retained). I'll keep that in mind for future use.


Incidentally, is there a forum for posting errata for the book? There's at least one example in the English version of the book where a function is using an Italian name, rather than the English name.

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Dear Cliff,


I finished the book in October 2022. Now, it´s in the revision and translation stage, according to Marco and Janusz.

Looking forward ! The plan is to release in the same publishing house of the first Opusmodus book.

All the best ! Thanks for the interest.


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