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Remote script trigger


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I’m new to Opusmodus but I think it is one of the most amazing software programs I’ve ever used. It just blowed my mind with the possibilities it has.

Although I still don’t know how to do anything but simple things, I would like to ask you if there’s a way to remotely execute lines of code via MIDI or OSC messages. That would be an incredible feature!

Thanks a lot and forgive me if I start to open new topics with weird questions!




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Well, what I'm planning to do is far more complex. I'm training an AI models with images. Then, for a live performance, I will place a camera and the system will recognise the shapes. Different shapes (dots, geometric figures, color, B&W, ... etc) will generate different values, and depending on those values the sound generated will be different. That's why I thought about executing lines of code inside OM remotely, because it could be an incredible way to generate non static musical lines live. I basically need a way to put the cursor mark in certain position of the OM score and send the OM "execute command".


Do you think there could be a way to do this?



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