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Quarter tons / midi export

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I have the question if it is possible to export a snippet as midi-file with the information about the midi-tuning. 

If I play a omn via Opusmodus eg. (cmd 1) via gm or in my case via pianoteq I hear the quarter tons (If midi-tuning is activated in Pianoteq), exporting a midi File and import it eg. directly into the pianoteq plugin, the midi-tuning is not played any more. The same importing eg. a xml-File into Sibelius (quarter ton notation no problem) or a midi-file into Logic or Ableton.


I would like to export scores as midi-files from Opusmodus with the possibility to keep the midi-tuning information, is there a solution?


Thank you very much for any help.


By the way, I bought an english copy of the new book about Opusmodus ("Fundamentals of composition with Opusmodus") very helpful, clarifying and interesting even for the somewhat experienced user.






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One possible solution would to record the Opusmodus playback in your DAW midi.

Or you set the multi ports to deal with the microtonality - check the Microtonality doc.

The main problem here is that not many application support the MTS, which is a big shame.

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Thank you very much, recording the playback of Opusmodus in Logic is what I actually did, would like to have the possibility to do some edits on the midi-level in Logic. Will check the Microtonality. doc, MTS informations are part of the Midifile or only of the xml-files?

I understood, that notion app is for tablet or iphone only?

In any case, thanks for the video!


best wishes


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