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Gen-Choralis: How to bypass voice leading ?

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Dear All,


From the example below I suppose that choralis function applyes some voice-leading in the progression provided. Maybe to generate some more singable sequence ? (maybe not...)

For example, here I provide my classic test-debuggin harmony:



(setf chords2 (gen-trim 31 '(a3b3e4gs4 gs3eb4g4bb4 cs3a3b3e4 gs2f3bb3d4 gs2e3b3eb4 eb3b3cs4fs4 a2e3eb4b4 fs2cs3c4gs4 d3gs3b3g4 b3e4fs4a4
 fs3cs4f4c5 b3cs4fs4bb4 g2d3cs4a4 g2fs3b3cs4 e2fs3g3d4 f2eb3bb3d4 b2g3a3d4 bb2gs3eb4g4 e3c4g4d5 cs3a3e4b4 gs3bb3eb4g4 fs3gs3cs4f4 fs2e3b3eb4 cs3a3b3e4 b2gs3cs4f4 eb3a3d4fs4 d3bb3f4c5 e3eb4gs4bb4 f3cs4gs4eb5 b2fs3f4cs5 eb3b3cs4fs4 eb3gs3b3g4 e3g3d4fs4 a2bb3eb4g4 d3b3e4gs4 eb3cs4e4a4 c4g4b4d5 a3e4gs4b4 f3c4e4g4 g3d4fs4a4 bb2c4f4a4)))

(setf lengths (gen-prob 31 '((h .4) (q .2) (h. .4) (q .3)
                             (-h .2) (-q .3) (w .5)) :seed 441896))

(setf velocity (gen-prob 31 '((p .4) (mp .4) (mf .3) (f .2)) :seed 435))

(setf chords (gen-choralis lengths chords2 :velocity velocity))

(choralis chords
          :index 'v
          :seed 653886
          :methods '(:soprano dyn
                     :alto dyn
                     :tenor dyn
                     :bass dyn))

(ps 'gm
(pitch-transpose 0 (ambitus 'violin v1)) 
(pitch-transpose 0 (ambitus 'violin v2)) 
(pitch-transpose 0 (ambitus 'viola v3)) 
(pitch-transpose 0 (ambitus 'cello v4))

    :key-signature 'atonal 
    ;:time-signature timesig
    :tempo 90
    :flexible-clef nil
"Choralis study"
:display :window)


But in the processed score, given in the example below,  the initial harmony is probably  processed with some undesired voice-leading.

Is possible to use choralis without the voice-leading, i.e., outputting LITERALLY the initial harmony  ? Some keyword ?

The chords at the gen-choralis stage looks to be rigth, but the Choralis splitting itself make some undesirable (for my specific purpose) closest-path voice-leading.

Best !





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