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Articulations (key switches) XML Export

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Dear Friends,


After some time I managed to work with custom articulations, using the def-instruments folder, etc.

This is working great ! No problem (thanks Janusz and Stephane for the support and tips).


The question for me now is that I use to go back and forth to Opus Modus, Musescore (or Finale) and to my DAW (Bandlab) to

 work on sections, fine tuning notation, etc.


So, in DAW or musescore, I use a setup like this:



I have four instruments and more four additional staves just for articulation switching.




Is there some way to export from Opusmodus as XML my score with the four instrument staves and more four staves with the exact key switches

 opusmodus are sending to the DAW ? 


In this way I could just import the XML file to my DAW or Musescore and I could hear it exactly like when previewing in Opusmodus and I also could manage to edit and refine my score at notation program or sequencer.


Thanks a lot !




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All articulation/attributes which are part of your def-sound-set should play when exported.



(def-sound-set vi-prepared-piano
               :supports-mts t
  (:group Main
          pr0 (:key c0 :key c7)  ; chain
          pr1 (:key c0 :key cs7) ; double-screw
          pr2 (:key c0 :key d7)  ; harmoinic
          pr3 (:key c0 :key ds7) ; harmoinic-secco
          pr4 (:key c0 :key e7)  ; foil
          pr5 (:key c0 :key f7)  ; glass
          pr6 (:key c0 :key fs7) ; stick
          pr7 (:key c0 :key g7)  ; stick-roll
          pr8 (:key c0 :key gs7) ; glissandi
  (:group default-settings
          pitch 0
          velocity-xf 2
          volume 7
          pan 10
          expression 11
          reverb-dry/wet 14
          reverb-on/off 15
          slot-xf 20
          start-scaler 21
          master-attack 22
          master-release 23
          master-filter 24
          delay-scaler 25
          tuning-scaler 26
          humanize 27
          velocity-xf-on-off 28
          rsamp-on-off 29
          dynamics-scaler 30

          :group Pedal
          Ped 64
          Sost-Ped 66
          Una-Corda 67
          :group matrix
          cc1 1


Therefore no spacial (additional) instrument are needed.

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This is the exported file from opusmodus.

Maybe the articulations are there, but not in the form of a recognizable track with normal midi notes for keyswithches.

Maybe the articulations are embbeded, but not visible as a track.

Or maybe there´s a different way to import this as a track...


Thank you !





No no


This is not a keyswich, because the octave is 5

The key switches are very low notes...


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True, Janusz ! The midi export is great ! It contains a track just for articulations, like this :




But, as a midi file, it lacks some of the notation information only possible in XML files, 

so would be a nice idea to have this very same option in the XML file.


Seems to be easy:

It´s just to compile the articulation staves alongside with the XML output.


A suggestion for implementation.


All the best !


Actually my file need some debug, since it´s sending double notes in some articulations...

By the way  this file was made with my chord library... 

Sounds cool

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Dear Stephane,


Musescore is playing it right. You just need to configure the tracks to send it.

I use a loop midi device for sending the information to the tracks of the DAW.

No problem.


The problem is that midi files dont suport some details of the notation.

MusicXML are more comprehensive for the notation diversity.


So, saving as MIDI will lose some details of notation (like tenutos, staccatos, etc, but will gain the track keyswicthes).


So, including the articulation tracks embedded in XML files would be great in this situation.


All the best !


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Here is Musescore doing Keyswitches !
2 minutes ago, opmo said:

Musicxml dose not have this possibility.

But maybe we can just add standard staves to a MusicXML file for doing this.

Put some staves like in the above video and generate it like standard notes for the keyswitches. Simple.

We need opusmodus to create articualtion staves alongside the normal tracks with the same rhythms of the staves (and with articulations instead).

This can be MusicXML staves (we just need normal notes (in a very low register).


I think it´s possible...

All the best !


One interesting thing is to make the articulation notes a little milliseconds before the actual notes (to change the articulation al little before the note).


In my video, I use to copy all the notes of the score, then paste it a little before the notes (like a 32nd or 64th note before) and then edit the articulations.


BEst !

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  • 3 months later...

My perfect solution (for Musescore):


1) Export XML (with right notation)

2) Export midi file (with keyswtches)

3) copy the keyswtches from the midi file

4) paste the tracks with the keyswitches alongside with the XML staves with the right notation, adjust the midi channels to the daw.


Thats it !! Now the keyswtches are working in the notation software (you may even hide the tracks with the keyswitches in the final version).


BEst !


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  • opmo changed the title to Articulations (key switches) XML Export

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