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reduce note lengths in a list programmatically?

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Is there a way to reduce all of the note lengths equally, without editing each one individually in this snippet?  I suppose I could change the audition tempo to make it play faster, but I would really like to reduce the note lengths programmatically, if that's possible.


(rnd-sample-seq 4 '(    

                   (h. b4 tie) (q b4 h a4 tie) (q a4 e b4 a4 q g4 tie)
                   (h g4 e fs4 e4) (h fs4 -q) (-q h g4 tie)
                   (q g4 e fs4 g4 q a4 tie) (h a4 e c5 b4) (h_e c5 e b4)
                   (e c5 a4 h b4 tie) (q. b4 -e q g4 tie) (h. g4) (h. fs4)
                   (e g4 a4 h b4 tie) (e b4 a4 b4 g4 q a4 tie) (h a4 q a4)
                   (h. g4) (q g4 h fs4 tie) (q fs4 b4 e e4 fs4) (h. g4)
                   (h. fs4 tie) (q fs4 h b4 tie) (h b4 q a4 tie)
                   (h a4 e b4 a4) (h. g4) (e fs4 e4 h fs4) (-h q g4 tie)
                   (h g4 e fs4 g4) (h. a4) (e c5 b4 h c5 tie)
                   (e c5 b4 c5 a4 q b4 tie) (he b4 -e) (h. g4 tie)



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you could use LENGTH-MODIFY


"LENGTH-MODIFY will modify a series of lengths by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing them with a list of duration values. If the count argument is not given to LENGTH-MODIFY then the count is chosen at random."

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