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Score Audition with Logic

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I was able to set up Logic or Opusmodus playback via IAC driver by loading a Logic setup file into my workspace (saved in Documents folder). In this way, I can audition short snippets and lines of code, which playback through Logic just fine (OMN Audition + Notation). However, I'm having difficulties with evaluating and auditioning the whole score (Evaluate Score Audition + Notation).


I'm including a short code example for your reference in case you have any feedback. And here's the listener error code:


> Error: OMN Parse Error: fail
> While executing: omn-to-ast, in process Listener-8(63).


Thank you for your time and help!




(setf piano-righthand
      '((e. b4 s a4 e b4 e. d4 s g4 e b4)
        (e. a4 mordent2 s g4 e a4 q. d5)
        (e. g5 lmordent1 s fs 5 e g5 e. a4 s e5 e g5)
        (e. fs5 mordent1 s e5 e fs5 q. d5 tie)
        (q d5 t e5 leg fs5 leg g5 leg a5 leg e. b5 s g5 e d5)
        (q e5 t fs5 leg g5 leg a5 leg b5 leg e. c6 s a5 e e5)
        (e. fs5 s d5 e g5 e. a4 s b4 e c5)
        ((app. e c5) q._e. b4 s a4 g4 fs4)
        (q g4 e d5 q. g5 tie+lmordent1)
        (e g5 s a5 g5 fs5 e5 q. fs5 tie+lmordent2)
        (e. fs5 s g5 e fs5 e. e5 s cs5 e d5)
        (e. cs5 mordent1  s d5 e e5 q. a4 tie)
        (q a4 t b4 leg cs5 leg d5 leg e5 leg e. fs5 s d5 e a4)
        (q b4 t cs5 leg d5 leg e5 leg fs5 leg e. g5 s e5 e b4)
        ((app. e b4) e. cs5 s a4 e a5 e. d5 s e5 e cs5)
        ((app e cs5) q d5 tie h)))

(setf piano-lefhand
      '((q g3 lmordent2 e g2 q. g3 tie+lmordent2)
        (q. g3 e. fs3 mordent1 s e3 e d3)
        (q e3 e d4 q cs4 e a3)
        (q._e. d4 s e4 e c4)
        (e. b3 s c4 e a3 e. g3 s a3 e b3)
        (e. c4 s d4 e b3 e. a3 s b3 e c4)
        (e. d4 s c4 e a3 q c4 e d4)
        (e. g3 s fs3 e g3 e. d3 s a3 e c4)
        (e. b3 mordent1 s a3 e b3 e. e3 s b3 e d4)
        (e. cs4 mordent1 s b3 e a3 e. d4 s cs4 e d4)
        (e. g3 s b3 e d4 q. g4 tie)
        (e g4 s a4 g4 fs4 e4 e. fs4 s g4 e a4)
        (e. d4 s a3 e fs3 e. d3 s e3 e fs3)
        (e. g3 s a3 e fs3 e. e3 s fs3 e g3)
        (e. a3 s g3 e fs3 e. b3 s g3 e a3)
        (e. d3 s fs3 e a3 q. d4)))

(def-score goldberg-var7
           (:title "Goldberg Variationen"
            :subtitle "Var 17 (extract)"
            :composer "J. S. Bach"
            :key-signature '(g major)
            :time-signature '(6 8)
            :tempo '("al tempo di Giga" e 155)
            :layout (piano-solo-layout 'piano-rh 'piano-lh))
   :omn piano-righthand
   :port "Logic"
   :channel 1)
   :omn piano-lefthand)



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(e. g5 lmordent1 s fs 5 e g5 e. a4 s e5 e g5)

fs 5 should be fs5

(e. g5 lmordent1 s fs5 e g5 e. a4 s e5 e g5)


and you need to add:sound into the instrument instance:

   :omn piano-righthand
   :port "Logic"
   :sound 'gm
   :channel 1)


Good practice with bug like that is to check each bar (list) with a snippet command.

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