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brownian bridges - algorithmic study

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too much code and too complicated to post - I do not have the time to write a manual.


it's a "machine" that creates multiple "brownian bridges" combined with "pitch-contour" and "add-rnd-dust".  it's an all-in-ONE tool/machine/bot...


I'm interested in repetition/difference in other contexts than traditional ones; but "brownian bridges" then resemble ornaments. when the sequences are short - brownian bridges are "rnd-processes" between 2 fixed points - then you will keep ornamental sequences between this 2 points/pitches...


(I did not work with a score, just coding and listening - it's only sketching/testing, not composing. and all the examples are "rnd-generated"/not-composed by the machine, you could produce more and more...)


some links:





-> in OPMO


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