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maxmsp and lisp?

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dear all


does anyone have experience with an implementation of LISP in maxmsp?

i'm looking for: "Max handling real time input, output, timing and control, letting Lisp handle variable handling and of course the processing of large amounts of data"



Tools for sound, graphics, and interactivity


does anyone tested this?



Lisper is an easy to use interface between Max/MSP and Common Lisp - thealexgraham/lisper


thanx for a hint


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the only problem seems to be, that it only works with CCL 1.12 on mojave... but this is not the official actual version in apple's appstore. so it don't work with 1.11.... 😕 


does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Here are some links to another project working on a bridge between Max and Common Lisp. They are calling SBCL in the background using the shell interface of Max, if I recall correctly. The project is not yet very mature, but they have several OpenMusic/PWGL libraries running with a Max interface for pedagogic purposes. 





MOZ’Lib is a set of pedagogical tools designed to explore, at the same time: musical writing, creation and computer programming. It is currently developed by two composers based in Paris, Julien Vi…


It is tricky to get recent sources of this work online. If you are interested, I suggest you best contact the developers directly, e.g., Julien Vincenot




Say hello from me 🙂




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i received the following message from julien vincenot for maxmsp+lisp



this system now allows users to generate and run Lisp code in Max, and to work in real time






Dear Friends,


Welcome to the MOZ’Lib mailing-list !

First of all, I wish you a wonderful, fun and creative 2020. 


What’s new?

MOZ now exists as a Max package, fully documented in English, and compatible with Max 7 and 8.

Documentation also includes a detailed overview and new modules for the PWforMax system (Mac-only for now).

Previously hidden in the background of a few MOZ modules, this system now allows users to generate and run Lisp code in Max, and to work in real time with any library from the PatchWork / Open Music / PWGL family.

Other updates are detailed in the history.txt of the package.


How to install ?

1) First your need to download the package itself :



2) You will also need the packages bach, cage and dada by Andrea Agostini and Daniele Ghisi, 

you can download directly from the Package Manager in Max (File menu).


3) Then follow the remaining instructions in the READ-ME.txt — this is very important in particular for more recent OS versions like Catalina.


I hope you will enjoy using MOZ, and I’m really looking forward to your comments, 

suggestions about the library as a whole (ergonomy, documentation, etc.) and inevitable bug reports !


All the best,


Julien Vincenot



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Its a great development, but note that it will not work with Opusmodus for multiple reasons, one being that MOZ’Lib depends on SBCL [1], which is called from the shell, and Opusmodus depends on ClozureCL, and I don't think there are plans to make Opusmodus callable from a shell.


[1] lisp-in-max-exploratory-computer-aided-c

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Note that MOZ’Lib seemingly supports arbitrary libraries from the PatchWork / Open Music / PWGL family. Perhaps it is possible to see how they do that to add such functionality to Opusmodus as well? 





PS: I was working in a similar direction some time ago, first by porting some library (OM-Tristan) to load directly into a plain Lisp compiler (by replacing all OpusModus dependencies) and that works, but that is a lot of work for each library. I then started to instead port the whole of OpenMusic to ClozureCL, but leaving out all GUI dependencies, but got only half-way with that so far (it is a lot of code 🙂). Of course, if this works already in Julien's library, that would save some work... Unfortunately, I will not be able to take anything like this on in the foreseeable future due to my new job.

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for my needs it's not necessary to use opusmodus in MAX. for me it's just easier to code LISP then in other languages (i need no library) 🙂 i will not do algorithmic comp... there, i will simply manage my "real-time/virtual-conducting/modular-form THING" from the POLYTEMPO-NETWORK in ONE language (lisp)... 


(i also found a solution for me without MAX, lisp only. a bit steam-punky, but works 😉 will be my next ensemble piece)


thanx to you!






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