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PAT MARTINO Idiomatic Jazz Lines Generator

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This is for generating some jazz licks in the style of the LINEAR EXPRESSIONS, by jazz guitarist PAT MARTINO.

The rhythm slots of the example contain the same 16th value, but it can be worked out as Rhythmic Cells. I was testing straight 16th lines.




;;; PAT MARTINO LINEAR Expressions Lick Generator JAZZ IDIOMS

   (setf r0 '(s)
	      r1 '(s s s s)
	      r2 '(s s s s s s s s)
              r3 '(s s s s)
              r4 '(s s s s)
              r5 '(s s s s s s s s)
              r6 '(s s s s s s s s)
              r7 '(s s s s s s s s)
              r8 '(s s s s s s s s)
              r9 '(s s s s s s s s)
              r10 '(s s s s s s s s))
	(setf p0 '(g3 a3 bb3 c4 cs4 d4 f4 d4)
	      p1 '(e4 fs4 g4 a4 c5 a4 bb4 d5)
	      p2 '(f5 a5 ab5 e5 g5 f5 e5 d5)
 	      p3 '(c5 a4 bb4 d5 a4 bb4 a4 g4)
              p4 '(a3 bb3 d4 f4 a4 bb4 a4 ab4)
              p5 '(g4 a4 bb4 c5 d5 f5 a5 c6)
              p6 '(bb5 d5 f5 a5 g5 gb5 f5 g5)
              p7 '(e5 f5 e5 d5 c5 a4 g4 a4)
              p8 '(d4 e4 fs4 a4 fs4 g4 a4 c5)
              p9 '(a4 bb4 d5 f5 a5 bb5 a5 ab5)
              p10 '(g5 f5 d5 ds5 e5 g5 bb5 d6))
	(setf v0 '(f)
	      v1 '(mp)
	      v2 '(f)
	      v3 '(pp)
	      v4 '(p f mf)
	      v5 '(fff)
              v6 '(fff)
              v7 '(mf)
              v8 '(p)
              v9 '(f)
              v10 '(ff))
	(setf sec (gen-repeat 10 (rnd-unique 12 '(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10) 
	(setf r-list (assemble-section 'r sec))
	(setf p-list (assemble-section 'p sec))
	(setf v-list (assemble-section 'v sec))
	(setf phrases
	       :length r-list
	       :pitch p-list
	       :velocity v-list))
	(def-score collage         
	            (:key-signature 'atonal
	             :time-signature '(2 4)
	             :tempo 144
	             :layout (piano-grand-layout 'piano))
	   :omn phrases
	   :channel 1
	   :sound 'gm
	   :program 0)


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