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Stephane Boussuge

Orchestral Template EastWest HW Orch and Plogue Bidule

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here's one of my personal orchestral template.


It use plogue Bidule as host (because some special KeySwitch configuration) and EastWest Hollywood orchestra and East west Convolution reverb (but you can replace it by another one).


You can use this template and associated files (soundset etc..) as this or use it as a base for designing you own and take inspiration from it.


Attached you will find and audio example of the raw output of the template, the template itself (.opmo), the Bidule file and the soundset necessary to drive this template.


Put the BaseOrch4.bidule file into the Instrument/Templates folder from Opmo folder. (create the Template folder if not exist)

Put the soundset file BaseOrchestra4.lisp into the Def-soundset folder from opmo folder.


Have fun !!








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I just got a copy of EW ComposerCloud and had a look at this. Wow -- this setup is a true monster, and way too much for my poor mere 8GB laptop (with unfortunately no way to extend the memory). I can confirm that in principle your setup works on my computer (Opusmodus can control sound playback of the instruments), but even when I reduce the bidule-file to only the string section, my machine has difficulties handling it. Sigh. 


How much memory are you using? 


I wish Play would have a purge feature similar to Kontakt, where you can basically start with an empty patch, and all samples needed are by and by loaded. (Play has some purge functionality, but it is more limited, only useful when the score is already fixed, which is not terribly useful in an environment like Opumodus). (I would probably need a second computer and something like Vienna Ensemble Pro to handle a full orchestra, in particular as I would be interested in using multiple articulations...)


In your setup, you are running a separate Play instance for each instrument, and then you load several articulations per instrument into that Play instance, each on a different MIDI channel. I don't quite understand how this should work, as each instrument is controlled by only a single MIDI channel.  




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Hi Torsten,


my Mac have 16gig of RAM.

Also, i'm using an SSD.

About the articulations, if you expand one instrument group, you will see the play module AND a bidule keyswitcher who allow me to have the soundset i use.



added 6 minutes later

Actually, i use a derivation of this with Bidule encapsuled into Logic X.


I attach the logic template here, if you want to have a look.






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