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Found 2 results

  1. Opusmodus is not only a wonderful tool for composing contemporary art Music, it can be also a very good tool for composers working for Tv or other media. Attached, a score script extract of this soundtrack score for tv made with Opusmodus. It is the section from 1'28 to 1'43 on the Soundcloud file below. LeDuc2.opmo
  2. A quick and dirty test of Opusmodus possibility and capability for Media Music Production. Test successful. Setup is Opmo driving EastWest Hollywood orchestra in Vienna ensemble Pro. Output is the direct output from Opusmodus/EastWest. Naturally this output is just a prototyping and need much more attention (it would be good someday to redo the clarinet part etc..) but it was just a test of a personal Orchestral setup. SB.
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