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Found 4 results

  1. Opusmodus is not only a wonderful tool for composing contemporary art Music, it can be also a very good tool for composers working for Tv or other media. Attached, a score script extract of this soundtrack score for tv made with Opusmodus. It is the section from 1'28 to 1'43 on the Soundcloud file below. LeDuc2.opmo
  2. Hi, here's a simple example of my use of BINARY-RHYTHM function inspired by the Janusz's doc examples for generating a full movement of a chamber symphonie. The BINARY-RHYTHM function use FIBONACCI stuff and variant optional keyword: (init-seed 839201883) (setf fib1 (fibonacci 4 64)) (setf fib2 (fibonacci 21 81)) (setf fib3 (fibonacci 14 74)) (setf fib4 (fibonacci 32 92)) (setf fib5 (fibonacci 1 61)) (setf rhstruct (rnd-sample 8 '(4 8 16 32 64))) (setf bval '(h h q q e e s s s e s e q e h q h h)) (setf len1 (binary-rhythm rhstruct fib1 bval :type 2 :variant '?)) (setf len2 (binary-rhythm rhstruct fib2 bval :type 2 :variant '?)) (setf len3 (binary-rhythm rhstruct fib3 bval :type 2 :variant '?)) (setf len4 (binary-rhythm rhstruct fib4 bval :type 2 :rotate 18)) (setf len5 (binary-rhythm rhstruct fib5 bval :type 2 :variant '?)) SB.
  3. Hi, here's a short study for Orchestra based on Slonimsky patterns No. 49 and 59. I use this study also for testing the possibility with Opusmodus for orchestral composition, DO-TIMELINE technique and multiple files/section assembling. It was also a test for XML export to Sibelius 8 and rendering with awesome software NotePerformer (http://www.noteperformer.com) You will find attached a section of the composition as an template/example on how i did this piece. MusicScore available at: http://stephaneboussuge.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-239631_etude_1_pour_orchestre.html SB. Etude1OrchestraForumExerpt.opmo
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