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  1. @opmo




    Asking 'when', 'you promised' etc... will not speedup the process.

    I am one of you, wishing too, to use the new system for my own work.



    True if this were a free, open-source community driven project.

    But Opusmodus is quite the opposite.


    Just to get things right.

    As paying customer I hoped to get somewhat more from you.

    Its a pitty, Opusmodus was a great product until it became useless for new Mac users, while communication of the company is so far behind what others understand and do not question.

  2. Provided, This new version is only a refactoring (without extra user features) intended to cater (far too late) for new Macs, IMHO theres no rationale for extra prices. To provoce: I personally rather see a need for discounts for users willing to wait for more than a year of unfullfiled needs to use the software on modern Macs. Other software manufacturers were faster.

  3. @opmo back to question,

    so screenshots and video are simply enough, such that nobody of user community is joining a beta testing programme? Being a coder myself, hard to believe that switching to a whole a new environment is not exposing risk for bugs.

    Is Oct release for a beta (no production use) or will it be a release candidate for productive use?


  4. Would it make sense to add a custom function for the Perlin noise random number generator to OM library ? 

    I guess for musical context 1-dimensional suffices.


    Perlin noise is a kind of gradient noise invented by Ken Perlin around the end of the twentieth century and still currently heavily used in   computer graphics, most notably to procedurally generate textures or heightmaps. It has some nice features yielding smooth texture. The function might extend the usual (vector-smooth x (gen-white-noise y)) approach.


    There seems to be some (as far as I understand 2d) open-source implementations in CL (1, 2), I cannot judge as my LISP knowledge yet is too limited.

  5. @Stephane Boussuge: If I am not mistaken, you mentioned in your convention talk (First Opusmodus Convention 2021 - Day 2: Stéphane Boussuge : Motivic cell technique explorations with Opusmodus) that the code will become integrated into next OM version.


    Can you give a poster where it is. I searched for motivic / cell but maybe my search strategy is wrong.


    I am especially interested in the last section, in you demoed a piece fully made by random material and variation techniques.




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