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  1. Beginners question:

    Starting from a single melodic omn sequence, would it be possible to have function in Opusmodus which calculates a chord progression, which would qualify to harmonize the input.


    I am aware that this is a underdetermined problem, so the function would require some further inputs constraining the solutions, like harmonic rhythm, size of chords, tonality, mode,  interval ( i.e. tertiary, quartal). Even if the solution space is vast, a random solution, which may be fixed with seed would be great.


    I know about gen-chord… but harmonization spanning multiple melody notes seems more complex.


    Any thoughts?

  2. I am a OM newbee, so forgive if this already implemented or done before.

    I understood from the video linked below, that Austbo did compile the colors percieved by Messiaen in a catalogue.

    He used colors to backtransform them into musical dimensions.

    I guess this is an obvious usecase for parametric composition, so I am pretty sure someone in the OM community tried this or was inspired by it already.

    Wanna share your explorations?




  3. I subscribed to the course. I like the content very much.


    The way how its displayed is quite tedious when watched on iPad. The browser does not repond when progressing from on session to the next (showing a spinning wheel which idles without progress). The only solution so far I found is to swap from browser to another app and then swap back to the browser. Not a good user experience.


    @Stephane Boussuge can you reproduce this?

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