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Dear Friends,


When working in my patches in Pure Data, one of the things I implemented back then was a

function similar to Lenght-Weight.

I'm searching for something like this example.


1) Take a duration sequence, for example  '(s e s) used as span in OMN way, i.e., aligning the materials with the longer list of pitches.

2) Take any pitch sequence, like for example '(c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4 b4 a4 g4 f4 e4 d4), gen-repeat 10 times


This example could result in a ascending and descending scale with the constant rhythmic pattern (s e s).


I'm thinking in a function that could put some rests in this pattern, according to his own arguments.

For example:


The argument 1 would result in an alternation of notes and rests, like

(s e s s e s s e s s e s s e) >> Before Function

(s -e s -s e -s s -e s -s e -s s -e) >> After Function


The sequence of arguments (2 3 5) would result in putting a rest after n notes (according to the sequence

 given in the argument)


(s e s s e s s e s s e s s e s e s s e s s e s s e s s e) >> Before Function

(s e -s s e s -s e s s e s -s e s -e s s e -s s e s s e -s, etc...) >> After Function

2         3           5                2        3           5               )


And so on.

Regarding to the pitches, the function could work like "swallowing"the note corresponding to the

 rest in the pattern, or displacing the note to the right, keeping the pattern of up and down the scale

 of the example (or any other pattern).


This function already exist ?



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