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Freezing file

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Hi everybody,


I'm working on different automatic composition projects, involving a lot of random use.


Is it possible to "freeze" a complete score, instead of fixing a seed for each "random generator" (rnd-order function) ?


I'd like to be in a "push button" situation, listening to a lot of versions and saving only the ones really working.


I can do that by saving the score as a pdf and exporting a midifile for each instance, but it would be wonderful to just save the opmo files for further processing.


Thanks for your help and suggestions.



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Something useful for automatic stuff generation, you can define a variable seed defined with random number and replace the value of the variable by it's value when you got an interesting result.



(setf seed (car (rnd-number 1 1 100000)))
(init-seed seed)



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As Stephane also pointed out earlier, if you want to create a number of randomised solutions, but then later want to fix the result to one solution/seed of your choice, one way to do that is to always print the current seed, and in the end to simply replace your randomly generated seed with a seed of your choice. 

  (setf seed (random 1000))
  (print seed)
  ;; replace seed below ultimately with seed generating a result you like
  (init-seed seed))



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