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replace/map & datastructure


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first question

i would like to replace the dynamics of all "tasto"-sounds in an OMN-sequence, is there a function for that?


for example 

'(e. c4 pppp tasto d4 ponte e4)  -> replace only the dynamic of the TASTO


result should be:

'(e. c4 f tasto d4 ppp ponte e4)



second question (if i want to code it for myself)

...is there always a constant dataset/stream (events) in the "background"? like : '((e. c4 pppp tasto) (e. d4 pppp ponte) (e. e4 pppp ponte))?

which function shows me this, so called, EVENTS. for some coding this format is a lot more usefull then seperat lists of each parameter


thanks for help and HAPPY CHRISTMAS




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here is a solution - because i didn't know how it works in pure OM/OMN



;;; SUB

(defun gen-events-from-lists (&key durations pitches  (velocities 'nil) (articulations 'nil) (optional_data1 'nil) (optional_data2 'nil) (optional_data3 'nil))
  (loop repeat (length durations)
    with cnt1 = 0
    with cnt2 = 0
    with event-cnt = 0

    when (> (nth cnt1 durations) 0)
    collect (list (nth cnt1 durations) 
                  (nth cnt2 pitches) 
                  (nth cnt2 velocities)
                  (nth cnt2 articulations) 
                  (nth cnt2 optional_data1)
                  (nth cnt2 optional_data2)
                  (nth cnt2 optional_data3)
    and do (incf cnt1)
    and do (incf cnt2)

    else collect (list (nth cnt1 durations)
    and do (incf cnt1)
    do (incf event-cnt)))

(defun gen-omn-from-events (event-stream)
  (length-rest-merge (loop for i in event-stream
                                      append (loop for j in (butlast i)
                                               when (not (equal j 'nil))
                                               collect j))))

;;; MAIN

(defun replace-velocity-of-a-technique (omn-list technique velocity)
   (loop for i in (gen-events-from-lists :durations (flatten (omn :length omn-list))
                                         :pitches (flatten  (omn :pitch omn-list))
                                         :velocities (flatten  (omn :velocity omn-list))
                                         :articulations (flatten  (omn :articulation omn-list)))
     collect (pattern-map (list (list (list '? technique) (list velocity technique))) i))))


(replace-velocity-of-a-technique  '(e. c4 pppp tasto d4 ponte e4) 'tasto 'fff)
 => (e. c4 fff tasto d4 pppp ponte e4 -)


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Dear André,


Below is an alternative approach to do the same. The actual user-level code is more concise here, so this might be preferable if you have lots of such variations that should be easy to comprehend later.





;;; Definition of map-omn

(defun mat-trans (in-list)
  "Quasi a matrix transformations: transforms a list of form ((a1 a2 a3) (b1 b2 b3) (c1 c2 c3) ...) 
into ((a1 b1 c1 ...) (a2 b2 c2 ...) (a3 b3 c3 ...))."
  (apply #'mapcar #'(lambda (&rest all)

(defun map-omn (fn omn-expr)
  "Variant of mapcar for omn expressions, intended for creating variations of these. 
Applies function fn to every note in omn-expr (a flat OMN list). fn must exect four 
arguments (a length, pitch, velocity and articution) and returns a list of four values 
(a length, pitch, velocity and articution)."
  (destructuring-bind (lengths pitches velocities articulations)
                       (funcall #'mapcar fn
                                (omn :length omn-expr)
                                (omn :pitch omn-expr)
                                (omn :velocity omn-expr)
                                (omn :articulation omn-expr)))
    (make-omn :length lengths
              :pitch pitches 
              :velocity velocities
              :articulation articulations)))


The user-level code starts here.

;;; Actual program

(setf my-data '(e. c4 pppp tasto d4 ponte e4))

(map-omn #'(lambda (l p v a)
             (list l 
                   ;; replace tasto dynamics by fff
                   (if (equal a 'tasto)
; => (e. c4 fff tasto d4 pppp ponte e4)


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