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"gen-stacc" -> question

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don't know if somthing like that exists... generates "stacc"-rhythms = splitting lengths for example 7/32 to 1/32 -6/32 (works with single values or lists)
-> only "1 bug"... when i want to do this with 4/32 -> then lisp *reduces it" to 1/8, so it don't work for such rhythms...?!? any ideas?




(defun gen-stacc (n)
  (if (numberp n) 
    (if (> (numerator n) 1)
      (list (/ 1 (denominator n)) (/ (* -1 (- (numerator n) 1)) (denominator n)))
      (list n))
    (loop for i in n
      append (if (> (numerator i) 1)
      (list (/ 1 (denominator i)) (/ (* -1 (- (numerator i) 1)) (denominator i)))
      (list i)))))

(gen-stacc '(7/32 9/32 17/32))
(gen-stacc 4/32)


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Yes, I have also experienced this difficulty, for example, can't distinguish between 4/4 and 2/2 because both reduce to 1! As JP points out, this is a Lisp issue, nothing to do with OM. If we are adventurous, we could implement our own "data type", for example keeping numerator and denominator separately as a cons pair (numerator . denominator) or something similar. We can write a set of functions that operate on this, and then apply reduction when actually needed. More work, of course, but Lisp gives you control.




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