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Interesting observation about certain modes in the library

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When I was examining the various modes/scales in the pre-defined 'modes library, I noticed that the following modes all have the same interval as 'major scale:

(raga-shankarabharanam mela-shankarabharanam xin ararai rast peruvian-major dastgah-mahur dastgah-rast-panjgah hypolydian-medieval lydian-greek ionian major)


In other words, the expression:

(pitch-to-interval (expand-tonality '(c4 <a-mode>)))

returns the same interval list for all the above modes.


I can understand that 'ionian' is the same as 'major', but finding the others to be the same as major scale was a bit surprising. Looks like other musical cultures such as India, Iran, Peru, and Ethiopia used the same major scale under a different name.


Can anyone throw further light on this coincidence?




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