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Missing hairpin?

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I've encountered some unexpected behavior of an OMN-script, maybe I'm missing something?

The following code gives the intended result:

(e d4 mp> > > > pp -)

But in the following context using exactly the same OMN-script (second bar) the hairpin won't display:

((e d4 f> > > >) (e d4 mp> > > > pp -))

Both bars playback as intended though.


Opusmodus 1.1.17944

OS X 10.9.5

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You could write:

((e d4 f> > > >) (e d4 > > > > pp -))
((e d4 f> > > mp) (e d4 mp> > > > pp -))
((e d4 f> > > >) (e d4 mp > > > pp -))
((e d4 f> > > mp) (e d4 > > > > pp -))


The hairpin with velocity needs to end on a velocity symbol and not on other hairpins.


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Thanks for the quick reply,

The third suggestion is what comes closest to what I'm looking for, but I want the second hairpin to start immediately on the first note (connected to the mp, not 1 note later).

Is that possible?

My first hairpin ends on a velocity symbol, I just want it to continue directly:


((e d4 f> > > >) (e d4 mp> > > > pp -))


Skärmavbild 2016-01-30 kl. 21.27.30.png

(Notation from Sibelius).

The playback effect of my code works just as intended.



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