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Playing and Notating Simultaneously

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When I write code in the main Composer window, I have the menu option to "Evaluate and Play" and "Evaluate and Notation". Is there a way to do both, that is, play as well as render the notation for the score I write? Because of the random nature of the notes generated in my code, I cannot do one (Play) and then the other (Notation), because the values would change every time. It would help if I can do both at the same time so that I can check if what I am doing is correct.




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The 'Last Score' (Tools menu) will play or display the last compiled score.

For MIDI player the command is  ⌃⌥⌘P and for the notation  ⌃⌥⌘N


That simple :-)


To display notation and player in the same time:


  (display-midi 'your-score)
  (display-musicxml 'your-score)


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