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Backward access in make-omn

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A general question:

Is there anyway to backward access a parameter within make-omn? (like Pkey within a Pbind in Supercollider)

Something like this:

 :length '(e e e e e)
 :pitch (list (integer-to-pitch (length :length)))

=> (e f4 f4 f4 f4 f4)

Allt the best,



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Yea, I think it could be useful, especially in more elaborate situations where a calculation in one param depends on the result of a calculation in an earlier param.

The code in my example above obviously doesn't work, it was only meant to clarify what I'm talking about. :)

In my current work for ex, I would like to know how many bars is generated in the :length param and then generate the same amount of bars in the :pitch param.

Of course you could do that before make-omn, but it would be really convenient to be able to access the result of an other parameter from within the make-omn.

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