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length longer then 2 whole


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Is there another notation for a drone playing for longer then the longest omn length symbol 'd than this:

 :length '(w)
 :pitch '(a2c4g4d5)
 :duration '(10.0))


It does what I want. But not possible to be written in '(w a2c4g4d5 ......)  . Or is it?


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I got it:

'(10 a2c4g4d5)



Is it in the language description somewhere and I didn't find it? 

I found this:  To assist with multiple rests  (-12) will produce 12 bars of whole-note rests.  So I tried without minus. 

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Thanks Stephane,

very good. That gives you all possibilities.

It is described in the length.rtfd and I have overlooked it. :-)


Length 8 will produce 8 bars of whole-notes lengths.


'(8 h q q)


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