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sc:Synthdef for sampler

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I have a synthdef for a sampler that plays from a buffer based on the list of all files in a folder. It's working fine in SuperCollider:


SynthDef(\play, {
    var sig, buf, e;
    e = PathName.new("/directory_path/*").files.scramble.copyFromStart(20);
    buf = \buf.ir(0);
    sig = PlayBuf.ar(1!2, buf, BufRateScale.ir(buf) * \rate.ir(1), doneAction: 2);
    sig = sig * \amp.ir(0.5);
    Out.ar(\out.ir(0), sig);

Synth(\play, [buf: b, rate: 0.midiratio]);


I'm not sure how to build this in OM's sc:synthdef as the examples seem to be focused on oscillator-based sound sources.


My first attempt at an OpusModus sc:synthdef sampler (based on the above example) is:

(sc:defsynth sampler ((freq 200) (dur 2.0))
   (let* (e = PathName.new("/directory_path/*").files.scramble.copyFromStart(20))
         (buf = \buf.ir(0))
         (sig = PlayBuf.ar(1!2, buf, BufRateScale.ir(buf) * \rate.ir(1), doneAction: 2))
         (sig = sig * \amp.ir(0.5))
    (sc:out.ar 0 out)))


Which evaluates with a bug. I'm sure there are syntax problems but I'm also wondering if there are conceptual switches I could make to understand synthbuilding in OM rather than supercollider.





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Here's an example of sampler design:


(sc:defsynth stf-sampler1 ((buffer 0) (rate 1) (start 0) (amp 0.5) (out 0))
  (let (
        (sig (sc:play-buf.ar 2 buffer (* rate (sc:buf-rate-scale.ir buffer))
                          :start-pos (* start (sc:buf-frames.ir buffer))
                          :act :free)))
    (sc:out.ar out (* amp sig))))

(defparameter sample1 (sc:buffer-read "/Users/stephaneboussuge/Samples/tibetan-singing-bowl.wav" :bufnum 0))

;(sc:synth :stf-sampler1)
;(sc:synth :stf-sampler1 :rate 0.5)
;(sc:synth :stf-sampler1 :rate 2)


Hope it helps.





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