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Midi automation file

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how can I convert this to an automation file in Midi to import it to a DAW?

(Thanks to Tibor for the code 😀)



(setf b-amp-values1
      (mod-sine-waves 4 1000 0.6 1 :phase -40
                      :modulation (gen-sine 700 2.5 1.2)))
(list-plot b-amp-values1)
(defparameter values-aligned
  (loop for i in b-amp-values1
        collect (* 64 (+ i 1))))
(setf midi-test (gen-controller 1 values-aligned :time 1/1000))
(setf boolean-pitch (append '(q) (gen-repeat (length midi-test) 'c4)))
(def-score midi-test
    (:title "score title"
     :key-signature ' chromatic
     :time-signature '(4 4)
     :tempo 120)
   :omn boolean-pitch
   :channel 1
   :sound 'gm
   :program 'acoustic-grand-piano
   :controllers (1 midi-test)))


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You can save the score to midi file and import the midi file to your DAW:




The other way is to send the midi file directly in the other app:

To open the file in Finale:

(midi-to-editor :file "file-name" :application "Finale")


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Thanks for the hint.

Now I have to find a way to map the controller data to any automation parameter (volume, pan, etc.)

At the moment I just get a Midi track with a lot of c4's ... 😀

Any ideas?


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