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cl-patterns doesn't output sound

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I need a bit of help.

I would love to use cl-patterns which is a wonderful real time tool for live coding with cl-collider.

I've tried that example but doesn't works in fact works but no audio output.

If somebody more experienced than me could help here, it would be nice !


(sc:defsynth sine-kick ((freq 440) (time 0.25) (amp 0.5) (out 0))
    (let* ((env (sc:env-gen.kr 
                 (sc:env (list 0 1 1 0) 
                         (list 0.001 time 0.3)) :act :free))
           (fenv (sc:env-gen.kr
                  (sc:env (list 1 0)
                          (list time)) :level-scale freq))
           (sig (sc:sin-osc.ar fenv 0 (* env 0.2))))
      (sc:out.ar out (sc:pan2.ar sig 0 amp))))

(cl-patterns:pb :kick
  :embed (cl-patterns:pcycles "o-o-------oo----")
  :instrument :sine-kick
  :dur 1/4
  :quant 4)

 (cl-patterns:play :kick)


Best salutations to the always growing Opusmodus users community !


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