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ambitus for other instruments

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I'm curious to know if there is any way to contribute to the list of instruments as found under ambitus-instrument? I often compose for Oud and Korean traditional instruments, and it would be nice to find other instrument templates that are ready to work with.


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We can add the instrument names to the list.

Please send me the name of the instrument and the range.


(alto-flute (-5 31))
(alto-flute-g (-5 31))
(alto-flute-f (-7 33))
(alto-flute-eb (-8 33))
(bass-flute (-14 13))
(bass-flute-bb (-14 13))


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Dear Janusz,

Many thanks for this. I will suggest some instruments and give their ranges. Oud is a little problematic only because it is not built in a standard way and the tuning of the instrument is different depending on school/country/region. I guess that means there would need to be several types of different Ouds (and different musicians use instruments with different string numbers). I personally play on a seven string Oud. 

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