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Found 2 results

  1. ;; little function. don't know if something like this already exits ;; in OMN: i wanted to READ the swallowed pitches after ambitus-swallow ;; i hope it works fine... ;;function (defun read-ambitus-swallowed (min/max omn-sequence) (let ((up (ambitus-swallow (list (second min/max) 'g9) omn-sequence)) (down (ambitus-swallow (list 'c0 (first min/max)) omn-sequence))) (merge-voices up down))) ;;nonsense-sequence (setq omn-sequence '(e f4 t a0 q g0 d9 s. eb6 t. f3 cs9 t ab0 q c0)) ;;ord ambitus-swallow (ambitus-swallow '(a0 g8) omn-sequence) ;;the excluded pitches (read-ambitus-swallowed '(a0 g8) omn-sequence)
  2. I'm curious to know if there is any way to contribute to the list of instruments as found under ambitus-instrument? I often compose for Oud and Korean traditional instruments, and it would be nice to find other instrument templates that are ready to work with.
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