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Simple Question on Opusmodus 3.0

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I recently received an email announcing the (paid) upgrade to Opusmodus 3.0, but there's a whole lot of information missing. Here goes: what exactly are the new features in Opusmodus 3 (vs 2.2)? Everything I saw on it here is rather elusive and extremely vague.


All the best,


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On 12/15/2022 at 8:43 PM, RedDot said:

Not really.

I agree - you can't expect an old customer to find and understand  what new features there are unless you document the big changes/features.

It's like saying: Buy this year's model of you old car. We won't tell you what we changed  - but you can do a test drive for 30 days to see if you'll spot any changes! 🙂

Checking for updates gives the following message: 


"Opusmodus 3.0 is payable upgrade and requires new License key.

Print improvement
Debugger auto abort


Is that all for a major version upgrade? If not - where do I find info on what is new/improved?


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>> what exactly are the new features in Opusmodus 3 (vs 2.2)?

> 30 days trial should do the trick, hopefully less elusive and vague.


Is it possible to run both Opusmodus 2 and 3 in parallel to test the new version without loosing the old one? I am afraid that the new version might have broken some of my Opusmodus libraries (porting them to a new compiler can be tricky).


Also, I am very surprised that several people need to ask about a list of the changes of the new version, and there is still no response. (I also sent a private message with the very same question a few weeks ago.) I don't want to be impolite, but this makes the impression of a software company that does not really care about users finding its product useful. I actually know that this is not the case, but this is a very strange communication strategy. 



Is it possible to run both Opusmodus 2 and 3 in parallel to test the new version without loosing the old one?

I meanwhile found a response in another thread (link)


I don't think this will work, not on the same cpu.


I think I will then have to wait with the update and trial until I know more about the new version and perhaps have another computer to test it on.



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You can't use 2.2 and 3.0 on the same cpu - there are changes to the history structure and Opusmodus directory.

The main change are made to the interface with new Notation, MIDI, Graph and Audio panels. Any dependency on CCL was ported to LW.

The navigator is more like a Finder and will display aliases if found in the Workspace folder.

'Save As...' (Notation, MIDI and Graph) is part of the panel. - grid menu.

You can drag midi files etc... into the window directly.


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