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Opusmodus 2.2.26846 Update

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– New Functions:



– Fixed:

  • VOICE-VARIANT (:rest 's and 'e )





This function removes a series of empty bars when lager then a given number (n).

(setf omn '((h b5 pp f6) (-w) (-w) (q cs6 p - b5)
            (-q. s cs6 mp b5 e gs5 -q.)
            (-e b5 mp gs5 b5 -h) (-w) (-w) (q c6 f - cs6)
            (-q s e6 ff e g5 s fs6 -q s fs6 b5 e6 g5)
            (-w) (-w) (-w)))

Pasted Graphic1.jpg


(pause-series 1 omn)

Pasted Graphic 1.jpg


(pause-series 0 omn)

Pasted Graphic 2.jpg





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