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chord-filter-tie, organ

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Hi there,


I have two questions:

1) Does somebody know, if there exists a function, that connects the common notes of two chords? For me, the function "filter-tie" only works with individual voices, but not with chords.

2) I didn't find the organ in the GM Instrument Set.lisp Did anyone else wrote a piece for organ?


Thank you and best wishes,


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Dear René,


Maybe something like this.

This works for de-mixing a texture onto 4 voices, each with differen rhythms.

Hope it can help.




(setf klang-chorale '(e c4fs4e4a4 cs4fs4e4a4 cs4fs4e4bb4 cs4gs4e4bb4 cs4gs4eb4bb4 cs4gs4eb4b4 cs4gs4f4b4 cs4gs4f4a4 d4gs4f4a4 d4gs4e4a4 d4g4e4a4 d4fs4e4a4))


(setf v1 (filter-tie (flatten (pitch-demix 1 klang-chorale))))
(setf v2 (filter-tie (flatten (pitch-demix 2 klang-chorale))))
(setf v3 (filter-tie (flatten (pitch-demix 3 klang-chorale))))
(setf v4 (filter-tie (flatten (pitch-demix 4 klang-chorale))))

(ps 'gm
     :sq (list v1 v2 v3 v4)
    :key-signature 'atonal
    :time-signature '(4 4)
    :tempo 70
:display :window)


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Dear Julio


Thank you very much. I also worked with pitch-demix. With pitch-demix I've got single voices. With single voices filter-tie works, but not with chords (e.g. two chords for piano with common tones).




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