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Error using ps to play chord sequence

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I've been playing around with Rangarajan's "Constraint Programming with Screamer" file, and ran across what looks like a bug.


The program generates this chord sequence (which I assigned to chords-1):

(setf chords-1 '((h. c3e3g3 ff -q) (h. d3f3a3 ff -q) (h. g3b3d4 ff -q) (h. a3c4e4 ff -q) (h. e3g3b3 ff -q) (h. g3b3d4 ff -q) (h. a3c4e4 ff -q) (h. c3e3g3 ff -q)))

If I just cmd-1 on that, it displays and plays just fine. If I evaluate this, though:

(ps 'gm :treble chords-1 :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo 120)


I get this mess:


It plays one chord (or rather, discord).


This seems ok:

(get-time-signature chords-1)
=> ((4 4 8))


This looks ok:

(disassemble-omn chords-1)
=> (:length ((3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4)) :pitch ((c3e3g3) (d3f3a3) (g3b3d4) (a3c4e4) (e3g3b3) (g3b3d4) (a3c4e4) (c3e3g3)) :velocity ((ff) (ff) (ff) (ff) (ff) (ff) (ff) (ff)) :articulation ((-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-)))


What's going on here?



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