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Found 6 results

  1. It seems the `fermata` attribute would cause tempo change in MIDI output, however when combined with changing tempo in `def-score`, the restored level is the last value in the `:tempo` list, which I guess is a bug. the problem can be demonstrated by the following code snippet: (setf ns '((q a4b4d5fs5cs6 mp arp e b5 e5 q fs4g4b4d5a5 arp d5) (q c3g3d4e4b4 arp h. a5b5d6 #|fermata|#) ;; uncomment this ((leg e b2 fs3 s a3 e d4 s_h e4)) ;; the tempo starts here will be whichever is the last ((leg e b2 fs3 s a3 e d4 s_h e4)) ;; in the `:tempo' list, which is 164 ((leg e d4fs4a4 mf marc d4 e4 cs4e4gs4 marc cs4 e4 d4fs4cs5 marc d4 leg)) ((leg e e4 d4fs4a4 marc d4 e4 cs4e4gs4 marc cs4 d4fs4cs5 marc d4)))) (def-score score (:key-signature '(d major) :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo '((q :rit 74 70 1/32 :bars 2) (70 2) (164 3) ) :layout (list '(:treble notes)) ) (notes :omn ns)) My current version is 2.2.26652.
  2. I've been playing around with Rangarajan's "Constraint Programming with Screamer" file, and ran across what looks like a bug. The program generates this chord sequence (which I assigned to chords-1): (setf chords-1 '((h. c3e3g3 ff -q) (h. d3f3a3 ff -q) (h. g3b3d4 ff -q) (h. a3c4e4 ff -q) (h. e3g3b3 ff -q) (h. g3b3d4 ff -q) (h. a3c4e4 ff -q) (h. c3e3g3 ff -q))) If I just cmd-1 on that, it displays and plays just fine. If I evaluate this, though: (ps 'gm :treble chords-1 :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo 120) I get this mess: It plays one chord (or rather, discord). This seems ok: (get-time-signature chords-1) => ((4 4 8)) This looks ok: (disassemble-omn chords-1) => (:length ((3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4) (3/4 -1/4)) :pitch ((c3e3g3) (d3f3a3) (g3b3d4) (a3c4e4) (e3g3b3) (g3b3d4) (a3c4e4) (c3e3g3)) :velocity ((ff) (ff) (ff) (ff) (ff) (ff) (ff) (ff)) :articulation ((-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-))) What's going on here? Thanks!
  3. In the Editor Commands window (Help -> Editor Commands), the description text in the bottom panel is black on a very dark gray background (dark mode). I have to select the text to read it. Also, when you open a Help panel (the floating panel you get when you click on a function in the rightmost panel) and select some text in it, then click outside that panel, the text reverts to its unselected color, but the selection highlight is almost the same color, so it becomes unreadable. I'm using V2.0.25787 on Catalina 10.15.5.
  4. Hi, In the following code the mf of the first bar won't show up. Any other dynamic symbol in the first bar will work as expected. Are you able to reproduce this on your system? All the best, Erik (setf omn (make-omn :length '((1/8 1/8) (1/2 1/2) (1 1)) :pitch '((g4) (d5) (f5)) :velocity '((mf) (f) (mf)) ) ) => ((e g4 g4) (h d5 f d5) (w f5 mf f5)) ; no dynamic symb in first bar! (setf omn (make-omn :length '((1/8 1/8) (1/2 1/2) (1 1)) :pitch '((g4) (d5) (f5)) :velocity '((pp) (f) (mf)) ) ) => ((e g4 pp g4) (h d5 f d5) (w f5 mf f5)) ; now the dynamic symb shows up in the first bar!
  5. I can't get the :chord nil to work. Am I missing something? (gen-trope my-trope :chord nil) Error: Incorrect keyword arguments in (:chord nil) . /Lasse
  6. Hi all, When I change in the example for repeat: (setf test '((repeat (-q q. g4bb4d5 e g4bb4d5 q c4c5eb5) (q f4a4c5 g4bb4 h f4a4c5) (h bb3bb4 -h) (h d4f4a4 q g4bb4 f4a4c5 tie) (q f4a4c5 g4bb4 h d4fs4a4) (end1 (h g4)) (end2 (h g4))))) to: (setf test '((repeat (-q q. g4bb4d5 e g4bb4d5 q c4c5eb5) (q f4a4c5 g4bb4 h f4a4c5) (h bb3bb4 -h) (h d4f4a4 q g4bb4 f4a4c5 tie) (q f4a4c5 g4bb4 h d4fs4a4) (end1 (-e e g4)) ;<---- a rest (end2 (h g4))))) I get: > Error: Incompatible ending types in #S(=phrase :event-count 2 :events (#S(=event :omn (-e) :types (:rest) > :length -e) #S(=event :omn (a4 end1) :types (:pitch :attribute) :length e))) > While executing: classify=event, in process Listener-2(7). > Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > Type :? for other options. A bug maybe? Lasse
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