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Attribute substitution

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Newcomer here, please point me to resources if I'm missing something obvious.

Here is a function that substitutes attributes when they are combined. Is there an easier way of doing this? Thanks!

(defun attribute-substitution (new old list-of-attributes) 
    (mapcar (lambda (list) (join-attributes list)) 
    (substitute-map new old (mapcar (lambda (attr) 
    (disjoin-attributes attr)) list-of-attributes))))

(attribute-substitution 'pizz 'arco '(ten+arco pizz arco))
=> (ten+pizz pizz pizz)


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And here is what I have as "replace" version. For instance if you want to replace pizz by arco and arco by pizz:

(defun attribute-replace (new-old-list list-of-attributes) 
    (mapcar (lambda (list) (join-attributes list)) 
    (replace-map new-old-list (mapcar (lambda (attr) 
    (disjoin-attributes attr)) list-of-attributes))))

(attribute-replace '((pizz arco) (arco pizz)) '(ten+arco pizz arco pizz+marc))
=> (ten+pizz arco pizz arco+marc)

Let me know if there are other ways of doing this, thanks!

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