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Dear All,


I´m doing some melodic permutations and I have a question about replace-map:

Here are four elements permutations, generated by:

(permute '(1 2 3 4))
(setf permut4 '((1 2 3 4) (1 2 4 3) (1 3 2 4) (1 3 4 2) (1 4 2 3)
                (1 4 3 2) (2 1 3 4) (2 1 4 3) (2 3 1 4) (2 3 4 1)
                (2 4 1 3) (2 4 3 1) (3 1 2 4) (3 1 4 2) (3 2 1 4)
                (3 2 4 1) (3 4 1 2) (3 4 2 1) (4 1 2 3) (4 1 3 2)
                (4 2 1 3) (4 2 3 1) (4 3 1 2) (4 3 2 1)))

Here are the pitch material to be permutated:

(setf permutcontent '((1 cs4) (2 d4) (3 e4) (4 g4)))

I used the REPLACE MAP FUNCTION, like this:

(replace-map permutcontent permut4)



((c4 d4 e4 g4) (c4 d4 g4 e4) (c4 e4 d4 g4) (c4 e4 g4 d4) (c4 g4 d4 e4)
 (c4 g4 e4 d4) (d4 c4 e4 g4) (d4 c4 g4 e4) (d4 e4 c4 g4) (d4 e4 g4 c4)
 (d4 g4 c4 e4) (d4 g4 e4 c4) (e4 c4 d4 g4) (e4 c4 g4 d4) (e4 d4 c4 g4)
 (e4 d4 g4 c4) (e4 g4 c4 d4) (e4 g4 d4 c4) (g4 c4 d4 e4) (g4 c4 e4 d4)
 (g4 d4 c4 e4) (g4 d4 e4 c4) (g4 e4 c4 d4) (g4 e4 d4 c4))



What if I want to replace one item (like a pitch) for a list of melodic pitches ?

How to proceed ?


For example:

Instead of substitute a C4 for the number 1, I want to substitute a list of notes, like (cs4 ds4)

(setf permutcontent '((1 cs4 ds4) (2 d4) (3 e4) (4 g4)))


When I set this, a get only the cs4 permeated...





I got it !


All the material must have the same number of elements, like

(setf permutcontent '((1 (c4 cs4)) (2 (b4 ds4)) (3 (c5 f4)) (4 (cs5 ds4))))


Resulting in:

((c4 cs4) (b4 ds4) (c5 f4) (cs5 ds4))
((c4 cs4) (b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4) (c5 f4))
((c4 cs4) (c5 f4) (b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4))
((c4 cs4) (c5 f4) (cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4))
((c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4) (c5 f4))
((c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4) (c5 f4) (b4 ds4))
((b4 ds4) (c4 cs4) (c5 f4) (cs5 ds4))
((b4 ds4) (c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4) (c5 f4))
((b4 ds4) (c5 f4) (c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4))
((b4 ds4) (c5 f4) (cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4))
((b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4) (c5 f4))
((b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4) (c5 f4) (c4 cs4))
((c5 f4) (c4 cs4) (b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4))
((c5 f4) (c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4))
((c5 f4) (b4 ds4) (c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4))
((c5 f4) (b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4))
((c5 f4) (cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4) (b4 ds4))
((c5 f4) (cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4) (c4 cs4))
((cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4) (b4 ds4) (c5 f4))
((cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4) (c5 f4) (b4 ds4))
((cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4) (c4 cs4) (c5 f4))
((cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4) (c5 f4) (c4 cs4))
((cs5 ds4) (c5 f4) (c4 cs4) (b4 ds4))
((cs5 ds4) (c5 f4) (b4 ds4) (c4 cs4)))


But would be nice to MIX different number of elements...

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