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UNFOLD strategie example

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This short example demonstrates how powerful and flexible the UNFOLD function is, especially when working with short patterns.

The entire process is very compact and requires only a few lines of code.


   mat1 '((h. eb4 pp q g3 -e q gs4 mf -s a5 p tie)
          (e. a5 -e q bb4 mf -s q cs5 p -s q. e5 mf -e.)
          (q cs5 p h. d5 mf -q c5 pp tie)
          (h c5 pp h. gs3 -e a4 p<)
          (h. fs5 mp q bb3 c5 p e4 mf tie)
          (h e4 -e q cs4 mp h d5 p e f4))
   mat2 '((q d4 pp s eb4 < leg g4 < leg bb4 < leg a4 q. cs5 mf -e  
             3q gs5 > leg fs5 > leg c5 > b4 > leg f4 leg e4)
          (t d4 < leg eb4 < leg g4 < leg bb4 q. a4 marc
             t fs4 mf leg gs4 leg e. c5 e b4 t f5 leg e5 leg d5 leg eb5
             3q bb5 > a4 > bb5 > e a4 pp stacc -e))
   p01 (unfold 'eg '(t7 dyn) mat1)
   p02 (unfold 'eg '(t7 v? dyn ob) mat1)
   p03 (unfold 'eg '(v? ra dyn) mat1)
   p04 (unfold 'eg '(t-12 t-5 dyn v? raf hn) p03)
   p05 (unfold 'eg '(t-12 t-5 ld ra dyn bn) p02)
   p11 (assemble-seq (unfold 'eg '(t7 dyn) mat1) (unfold 'eg '(t7 dyn) mat2))
   p12 (assemble-seq (unfold 'eg '(t-12 v? dyn ob) mat1)
                     (unfold 'eg '(t-12 v? dyn ob) mat2))
   p13 (assemble-seq (unfold 'eg '(v? raf dyn) mat1) (unfold 'eg '(v? dyn)  mat2))
   p14 (unfold 'eg '(t-12 t-5 dyn v? raf dyn hn) p13)
   p15 (unfold 'eg '(t-12 t-5 ld ra dyn bn) p12))
  (ps 'gm :w5 (list
               (assemble-seq p01 p11)
               (assemble-seq p02 p12)
               (assemble-seq p03 p13)
               (assemble-seq p04 p14)
               (assemble-seq p05 p15))))





Best, JP

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