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omn-voice-generator 1 (svoice1)

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here are the two functions i use daily in my workflow.


The first gen-pitch-line can be used as this but is also required for the second function svoice1.


svoice1 is a generic omn generator i find useful for my work.


;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Fonction de génération de hauteurs basées sur une conversion de vecteur de bruit
;;; avec un grand choix de type de bruit, taux de compression du vecteur, filtrage des répétitions et ambitus.
(defun gen-pitch-line (nb-pitch &key (compress 1) (ambitus '(c4 c6)) seed filter-repeat (type :white))
  (setf seed (rnd-seed seed))
  (let (pitches)
      ("gen-pitch-line :seed ~s" seed)
    (labels ((white-or-pink (nb-pitch seed type)
               (if (eq type ':pink)
                 (gen-pink-noise nb-pitch :seed seed)
                 (gen-white-noise nb-pitch :seed seed :type (if (eq type ':white) :normal type))))

             (process  (nb-pitch &key (compress 1) (ambitus '(c4 c6)) seed filter-repeat type)
               (setf pitches (vector-to-pitch ambitus (vector-smooth compress (white-or-pink nb-pitch seed type)))) 
               (when filter-repeat
                 (setf pitches (gen-trim nb-pitch (filter-repeat filter-repeat pitches))))
      (process nb-pitch :compress compress :ambitus ambitus :filter-repeat filter-repeat :seed (seed) :type type)))))

(gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :white :filter-repeat 1)
(gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :pink :filter-repeat 1)
(gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :extreme :filter-repeat 1)
   :pitch (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :white :filter-repeat 1)
   :length (euclidean-rhythm 16 1 16 's :type 2)
 :seed 33)
;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------   

;;; VERSION 0.1
(defun svoice1 (nb-pitch &key
                            (level 16) (low 1) (high 16) (ratio 1/16)
                            (e-type 2)(e-rotate nil)(e-variant nil)
                            (compress 1)(filter-repeat nil)(pline-type :white)
                            (p-divide nil)(articulation nil)
                            (length nil)(pitch nil)(velocity nil)
                            (seed nil)(articulation-map nil)
                            (add-interval-if-length nil)
                            (i-length '1/16)
                            (i-list '(-4 -5 -3 -7))
(setf seed (rnd-seed seed))
(do-verbose ("svoice1 :seed ~s" seed)
(let* (( pitch  (if pitch pitch
                  (if p-divide 
                    (gen-divide p-divide (gen-pitch-line nb-pitch :compress compress :seed (seed) :filter-repeat filter-repeat :type pline-type))
                    (gen-pitch-line nb-pitch :compress compress :seed (seed) :filter-repeat filter-repeat :type pline-type))))
       (len (if length length (euclidean-rhythm level low high ratio :type e-type :rotate e-rotate :variant e-variant :seed (seed))))
       (art (if articulation articulation 
              (if articulation-map
                (length-map articulation-map len :otherwise '(default))
       (velo (if velocity velocity '(mf)))
   :pitch pitch
   :length len
   :velocity velo
   :articulation art
   :length-val i-length 
   :interval-list i-list
   :pitch pitch
   :length len
   :velocity velo
   :articulation art

(svoice1 32)
(svoice1 32 :seed 1234)
(svoice1 32 :pitch '(c4 d4 e4) :articulation '(marc))
(svoice1 32 :length '((h h)(q q e e e e)))
(svoice1 32 :pitch '(c4 g4) :length '((h h)(q q e e e e)) :velocity '((f)(pp)))
(svoice1 32 :i-list '(-7 -4 -5 -3) :low 1 :high 4)
(svoice1 128 :p-divide 8 :level (gen-repeat 12 '(16)) :compress 0.16)
(svoice1 128 :p-divide 8 :level (gen-repeat 12 '(16)) :compress 0.16 :articulation-map '((1/8 stacc)(1/16 leg)))

(svoice1 128 :p-divide 8 :level (gen-repeat 12 '(16))  :low 8 :high 8 
         :compress 0.16 :articulation-map '((1/8 stacc)(1/16 leg)))

(svoice1 128 :p-divide 8 :level (gen-repeat 12 '(16))  :low 8 :high 8 
         :compress 0.16 :articulation-map '((1/8 stacc)(1/16 leg)) :add-interval-if-length t)

(svoice1 128 :p-divide 8 :level (gen-repeat 12 '(16))  :low 2 :high 16 
         :compress 0.16 :articulation-map '((1/8 stacc)(1/16 leg)))

 '(((0 2 4 6 8 10) :root d4))
 (svoice1 128 :p-divide 8 :level (gen-repeat 12 '(16))  :low 2 :high 16 
         :compress 0.16 :articulation-map '((1/8 stacc)(1/16 leg)))



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