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Group orchestration / instrumentation example

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An example of group orchestration.

I first create some binary représentation of some group of instruments and apply this groups with do-timeline:

;;; Parameters
(setf size 12)

;;; Length generation
(setf len1 (euclidean-rhythm  
            (gen-repeat size '(16))
            1 12 's :type 2))

(setf len2 (euclidean-rhythm  
            (gen-repeat size '(16))
            1 12 's :type 2))

(setf len3 (euclidean-rhythm  
            (gen-repeat size '(16))
            1 12 's :type 2))

(setf len4 (euclidean-rhythm  
            (gen-repeat size '(16))
            1 12 's :type 2))

;;; Pitch generation
(setf pmat (gen-divide 8 (vector-to-pitch '(c3 c5)(gen-white-noise 32))))

(setf pch1 (pitch-transpose 12 (rnd-sample size pmat)))
(setf pch2 (pitch-transpose 8 (rnd-sample size pmat)))
(setf pch3 (pitch-transpose 0 (rnd-sample size pmat)))
(setf pch4 (pitch-transpose -24 (rnd-sample size pmat)))

;;; Global dynamics
(setf dyna (mclist (pink-noise-sample 64 '(pp p mp mf f ff))))

;;; OMN assembly
(setf line1 (make-omn
             :pitch pch1
             :length len1
             :velocity dyna))

(setf line2 (make-omn
             :pitch pch2
             :length len2
             :velocity dyna))

(setf line3 (make-omn
             :pitch pch3
             :length len3
             :velocity dyna))

(setf line4 (make-omn
             :pitch pch4
             :length len4
             :velocity dyna))

(setf flute line1)
(setf oboe line2)
(setf clarinet line3)
(setf bassoon line4)

;;; Orchestration and post processing
;; Ambitus
(setf flute (ambitus '(g4 c6) flute))
(setf oboe (ambitus '(d4 d5) oboe))
(setf clarinet (ambitus '(c4 g5) clarinet))
(setf bassoon (ambitus '(c2 g3) bassoon))

;; Re-barring
(setf master-meters '(4/4))

(setf flute (omn-to-measure flute master-meters))
(setf oboe (omn-to-measure oboe master-meters))
(setf clarinet (omn-to-measure clarinet master-meters))
(setf bassoon (omn-to-measure bassoon master-meters))

;; Mute / play
(setf olen (length flute))
;(setf otime (rnd-sample 8 '(wwww www ww w h w ww www)))
(setf otime 1) 

;; Group orchestration
(setf grp1 '(1 1 0 0))
(setf grp2 '(1 1 1 0))
(setf grp3 '(1 1 1 1))
(setf grp4 '(1 0 1 1))
(setf grp5 '(0 0 1 1))
(setf grp6 '(1 1 0 1))
(setf grp7 '(1 0 1 1))

(setf i-list '(grp1 grp2 grp3 grp4 grp5 grp6 grp7))
(setf orchestration (rnd-sample olen i-list))
(setf orch-proc1 (binary-invert (apply-eval orchestration)))

(setf instrumentation (matrix-transpose orch-proc1))

 '(flute oboe clarinet bassoon)
 '(gen-pause x) :time otime)

(setf ts (get-time-signature flute))

(def-score group-orch-example
           (:title "Group orch example "
            :composer "S.Boussuge"
            :copyright "2017 s.boussuge "
            :key-signature 'chromatic
            :time-signature ts
            :tempo 88
            :layout (list
                      (flute-layout 'flute)
                      (oboe-layout 'oboe)
                      (clarinet-layout 'clarinet)
                      (bassoon-layout 'bassoon))))
   :omn flute
   :channel 1
   :sound 'gm
   :program 'flute
   :volume 95
   :pan 70
   :controllers (91 '(52)))
   :omn oboe
   :channel 2
   :sound 'gm
   :program 'oboe
   :volume 95
   :pan 54
   :controllers (91 '(55)))
   :omn clarinet
   :channel 3
   :sound 'gm
   :program 'clarinet
   :volume 95
   :pan 60
   :controllers (91 '(57)))
   :omn bassoon
   :channel 4
   :sound 'gm
   :program 'bassoon
   :volume 95
   :pan 70
   :controllers (91 '(57)))



Group & Orchestration.opmo


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Just helping others to read this code: the key data here are the variables after the comment ;; Group orchestration. Each variable grp1, grp2, etc. set for each part in a single bar whether that part should play in the end or not. The order of those groups (bars specifying which voice is playing) is then randomised. 




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I am a bit overbooked actually and didn't took the time to comment it correctly, but you've made it :-)

Thank you Torsten !


In fact the variables grp1grp2 etc.. are like orchestration presets and can be (for example) stored in a library file to be recalled algorithmically.



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