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Keywords as instrument identifiers in def-score?

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I would like to use keywords as instrument identifiers in def-score like shown below.

(def-score flute
           (:key-signature 'chromatic
            :time-signature '(4 4)
            :tempo 100
            :layout (flute-layout :flute)) 
   :omn '((q c5 d5 f5 g5) (q c5 d5 f5 g5))))


Unfortunately, this does not work for generating notation, only the playback works.


The reason I would like to use keywords is that this would provide a more smooth integration with the format I am using for polyphonic score transformations, which looks like shown below (short example for violin and cello). See code examples at https://github.com/tanders/tot/blob/master/sources/score.lisp; you can see the documentation of this code at http://htmlpreview.github.com/?https://github.com/tanders/tot/blob/master/doc/sources/score.html

'(:vln ((q g4) (q. c5 e d5 q e5 f5) (h. e5))
  :vlc ((q g3) (q c4 b3 a3 g3) (h. c3)))


If it is not possible to have keywords as instrument identifiers in def-score then I can of course transform my keywords automatically into symbols in the Opusmodus package, but I would first like to know whether disallowing keywords in def-score is intentional. 




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You can use keyword as instrument identifiers.

Example without the :layer: will work:

(def-score flute
           (:key-signature 'chromatic
            :time-signature '(4 4)
            :tempo 100)
  (:flute :omn '((q c5 d5 f5 g5) (q c5 d5 f5 g5))))

To do that we would need to make a change to the layout instruments.

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