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swing eights

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I'm very new user of Opusmodus and would like to know how to write and play swing eights (2 eights means one quater and one eight tupplet)



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Opusmodus is designed for generating music notation. You can generated highly complex rhythms, as long as you can notate them (without nested tuplets for now). Janusz just showed the common notation of swing eights. 


What Opusmodus does not support (so far) is controlling the timing of playback for a more realistic performance. if you are looking for something similar to grooves in Ableton Live, groove templates in Logic, performance interpretation in Sibelius etc., i.e., a temporal shifting of the notated notes during playback for a more expressive performance, then you better add that later. First finish your music in Opusmodus, then export to a standard DAW or notation package and control the playback there :)





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