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Collection of Opusmodus tools

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I got some messages reporting of difficulties to follow the installation instructions at the GitHub page linked above.  


So, to further clarify: you can download git from its website: https://git-scm.com. Just follow the download instructions there.  Be warned: this is software for nerds :)  -- but I explained how to use it in the installation instructions as well. 


If you feel uneasy on the terminal the above still does not help, here is a way to install the software without git. It requires less learning and technical tricks, but is a bit more work. 


1) Visit the GitHub page of the library you want to install

2) Download the code directly as a zip file: there is a link towards the right top corner: Clone or Download -- click on that and select Download

3) Find the downloaded zip file and unzip it

4) Rename the resulting top-level folder so that it is exactly the name of the library (e.g., tot or cluster-engine) -- without master in the name

5) Move that library folder into a folder where  ASDF can find it, e.g., ~/common-lisp/ 

6) Repeat all above steps for every dependency library 




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